*Emily Lee, Sardis Fellowship Church -- "Christine Lindsay is a gifted communicator. She has a warm, sincere spirit and an inspirational story to tell."*
I used to be a woman drowning in despair. I would look at the picture like this one of the little girl running away, and the loss of the child I gave up for adoption would well up within me all over again.

Now I look at this picture and see myself running with joy into the arms of my Father.

My journey to joy was not an easy or natural one. From the time I gave up my baby to adoption in 1979, to the uneasy and heart-rending reunion with my birth-daughter in 1999, and the following years as I shook my fist in my Creator's face, I struggled. 

Let's face it: Emotional pain cripples.
But God eventually turned my heartache, bitterness, and chronic sadness into peace, contentment, joy, and confidence, and He did so by using my own story as a mother to help me understand the enduring love He has for me.

I first told my story at church in 1999, and have been involved in a growing speaking ministry, and multi-award-winning writing career, since that time.

All of the following topics can be spread over a weekend at your church, camp, or conference, or any one of the topics at a single presentation. I am adept at fitting the topics for a variety of audiences. 
Pro-life fundraisers are especially dear to my heart, using Topic # 1 MOTHERHOOD: A Unique Path to the Father 

*Anne Heppell, former missionary to Bolivia -- "I heard Christine Lindsay share her moving life story at a ladies event several years ago. I will always remember what she said that day because she anchored her story in scripture. I will never forget the way she humbly shared that the Lord's love for us is so great that we are engraved on the palm of his hand!"* 

Christine Lindsay's Speaking Topics

· Motherhood: A Unique Path to the Father
Realize how God sees you by looking at the maternal side of His love. Based on my story of giving my baby up for adoption. Isaiah 49:15,16

· Ditch those Old Heartbreak Songs
Overcoming depression can be your reality. Hope extended from someone who lived with chronic depression for years. Psalm 42 and Book of Ruth

· Become the Heroine of Your Own Story
Using fiction as a backdrop, we will discover ways to turn our crisis and conflicts into victories.  Romans 12:1

· Setting up Your Milestones
Telling your story for your kids in order to leave an emotional and spiritual inheritance for the generations to come. Joshua 3

. Finding You 
The discovery and development of your spiritual gifts through the tough times. 

Contact me at my business email, if you would like me to speak at your ladies' church event, conference, or book club. Pdf transcripts of my topics are available upon request. 

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