Monday, January 07, 2019


I found this quote on the very first page of a fiction novel I was reading the other day, and stopped right in my tracks. The words of this ancient Irish priest struck me with so much truth. We all suffer loss in our world. As the new year of 2019 begins I hear from so many friends living with poor health or a scary diagnosis. Other friends whose loved ones just passed away, a spouse, a child, and some of my birth-mother friends who are suffering the grief of placing their child into an adoptive family. Often the best thing that mother can do for her child at the time, but no less painful. And then there are those who suffer the loss of an empty womb. 

Yes, we all suffer loss of so many kinds, but there is hope. I hope you will browse around my website and maybe find something to encourage you today. 

Hugs and blessings, I hope you feel welcome, and thank you so much for dropping by. 

For a little fun, turn up your volume to watch the video lineup of all my books so far, my fiction and my non-fiction. 

I am currently writing Book 1 in a brand new series set in the land of my birth, Ireland. Again turn up your volume and enjoy this short video of my research trip there last summer. 

Again, hugs and blessings, and may you feel the Lord's presence this day.

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