Saturday, March 25, 2017

Today, March 25, I'm a guest on Rave Waves Radio Show

Today I am a guest on Rave Waves at 12 PM Central Time. Drop by an listen as I share how my journey of brokenness after reuniting with my birth-daughter, the baby I gave up for adoption was turned into a writing career.

At 12 PM Central today go to this link

Amazing how our broken hearts, and if we find true healing in God, those stories can be turned around to encourage someone else along the journey.
Also, BIG NEWS, My very first novel Shadowed in Silk is having a HUGE almost Global discount promotion through Kindle.

April 4 through April 9,
Shadowed in Silk
Kindle Discount 99 cents.
99 Cents from April 4 through April 9 for this Book 1 of the Multi-Award-Winning trilogy Twilight of the British Raj.

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