Monday, March 14, 2016

When You Have No Money Coming In -- by Guest Blogger Doreen Hanna

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In our early years of marriage a crisis in my husband’s business led us down a path we never thought we’d walk.  After no income for almost three months and our savings depleted we were $1,998 in debt.  I was just beginning to learn that God answered prayers. Therefore, I thought this was a good time to ask Him for help.  

My prayer went like this: “Lord, you know this the total amount that will be due by the end of this month.   I am not going to ask anyone for help.  This is between you and me.  To show you I’m going to trust you for this, I’m going to call each creditor and tell them that, the Lord,  is going to help me pay them full by the end of the month.”  And, I did.   

Those calls were made on October 2nd.   I fasted the first week – no money.  The second week  – no money, but the water didn’t get turned off because we had a child under the age of 2.  The third week past – no money and the phone was turned off.  

The fourth week , on Thursday, October 29th my friend, Emilie, came by my house to tell me she was taking me to her house so I could call my mother. She knew Mom would be worried.  Therefore, I did.  

After getting off the phone I turned to find Emilie and her husband Bill standing in the middle of the family room.  Bill spoke up, “Doreen, Emilie and I believe we are to give this to you and Chad (handing me an envelope).  It is a gift and you do not have to repay it.”  

I accepted the envelope and Emilie took me home. When I stepped inside the house I tore open the envelope and it was for $200. I was so disappointed I stomped down the hall to our bedroom.  Chad was startled by my behavior and asked what was wrong.  

I replied, “Bill and Emilie gave us a gift tonight,”( as I tossed the envelope towards him),   but it isn’t enough to meet our needs that are due by tomorrow!”  

Chad looked and then exclaimed, “Honey this check is for $2,000!”  I looked again and sure enough, it was!  I immediately ran to place I had asked the Lord 28 days earlier and I wept first with shame for my initial ungrateful attitude, then with the deepest of gratitude said, I will do my best to live for you the rest of my life.” God must have smiled that October 2nd whispering to himself, “I know the plans I have for you…Jer. 29:11! 

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