Friday, February 12, 2016

Where They Want To Be -- By Guest Author Alan Anderson

Alan Anderson and his wife and grandson.
The themes of love, romance and passion embrace Valentine’s Day!  This little story is meant to recognize the love witnessed between couples in my work and ministry over the years.  Often times the stories have included perspectives on hope in the midst of suffering.  Perhaps this story will give readers yet another reason to embrace and thank God for those you love!

Where They Want to Be
They were crazy in love with each other.  She giggled a lot at how goofy he could be when he was with her.  With most people he spoke only when he had something to say.  She, on the other hand, was more outgoing and spoke her mind.  They soon began their family.  She would say things like "it seems I just have to look at him and I get pregnant!"  That would cause him to blush and grin sheepishly at the same time.  When she noticed his blush she would gently squeeze his hand and kiss him on the cheek.

There love continued to hold them together as the years went by and when her illness weakened her.  The illness seemed to be determined to carry her away from him but he held on to her.  He would sit by her bedside and gently assure her she would not be alone.  Even their children marveled at his inner strength. He would say sweet things to her like, "If you go before me my darling I won't be far behind you."  She in turn would assure him he would be okay and the family would care for him.

He felt her time to leave was near and asked the nurse to please call the family. It was a beautiful and gentle family gathering at the time she quietly slipped away.  He was holding her hand and leaned over to kiss her.  "Sleep well my darling. When you wake up you will look into the face of Jesus."  The family sat with him as they tried to come to grips with what life might be without her.  Her hospital room was quiet and peaceful.  At least for now it had become a sacred place.

When their children finally took him home they sat up with each other for a while.  The old man stayed with one of his children now.  He was also experiencing what a broken heart feels like.  When it was time for bed he said he just wanted to sit by himself for a bit.  Just before he fell asleep in his old but comfortable easy chair he quietly said, "See you soon dear!"

In the morning as the sun brightly shone through the living room window the family had decided to have breakfast together.  Upon entering the living room he still sat in his chair looking so peaceful and happy.  They noticed that he had gone to be with his wife.  He was where he wanted to be.  With her!  Together again just where they want to be!


He is a husband, a father, a grandfather, a brother, a friend. He was born in Dundee, Scotland but has lived in British Columbia most of my life, and ministered as a bi-vocational pastor for a number of years. Currently Alan is employed as a Spiritual Care professional in a couple of long-term care facilities. Such work/ministry has allowed him to come alongside many people over the years and listened to their grief stories. Especially in our adversities we are each other's teachers and companions. God shows up in amazing of often surprising ways even in the presence complex of healthcare needs.  

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