Monday, February 08, 2016

I WISH I'D BEEN A PROSTITUTE by Guest Author Sara Davison

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I was born into a family with Christian parents and grandparents on both sides. My parents taught me about God and prayed with me every day. My grandmother was my Sunday school teacher, and playtime at her house consisted of hours of using her flannel board and cut-outs to depict Bible stories. Although I now understand what an incredible blessing all of that is, when I was growing up, I took my spiritual heritage for granted most of the time.

When I started going to youth group, I was in awe of speakers at conferences and events who shared their personal testimonies. My jaw would drop as I listened to their stories of life transformation – from drug dealer to street preacher or from criminal to ministry worker to convicts. I would be deeply moved by how God had
rescued those people from the depths of depravity and changed their hearts so radically. How much must God love them, to reach down and pull them out of the mire and make them a shining example of His goodness and mercy, using their stories to draw others to Himself.

I would think about my own life, and slump down in my seat a little, hoping no one would ask me about my testimony. I had no testimony to share. My life had been pretty boring, to date. I never went through a rebellious streak, never got into any real trouble. 

TWEET THIS I often thought that if I ever wrote my life story, I would call it, I Wish I’d Been a Prostitute, because, if I had been, I’d have a really great story to share with anyone who asked.

Even as an adult, thoughts like these continued to flit through my mind. And then one day I
read a verse in the Bible that I’d read a thousand times. This time, however, the words hit me like they never had before. The verse was Romans 3:10, which says, “As it is written: 

‘There is no one righteous, not even one…’” 

In that moment, I was struck by four powerful truths: I had been born with a heart as sinful and depraved as any prostitute or drug dealer or murderer; I was as much in need of God’s
mercy and grace as any human being who had ever walked the face of the earth; God loved me as much as he loved every other person he had created; and God wanted to use my life to draw others to Himself. TWEET THIS

Those truths washed over me that day like I’d stepped under a cool waterfall after days of wandering in the desert. Now, if I ever find myself starting to feel that I don’t have anything worth sharing, I remind myself of this: God is the author of my story, which means that my life is a testimony of redemption at the hands of a mighty, powerful, and holy God. And there is nothing boring about that. 


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