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IMPOSSIBLE by Guest Author Kathy Ide

Today's guest is author and proof-reading expert Kathy Ide, who is doing a giveaway of her book 21 Days of Love. Leave a comment below with your email spelled out to enter the draw for the giveaway.  

Freelance Editor Kathy Ide with one of her writer clients, holding up his published book. 
Impossible by Kathy Ide
After thirty years of working as an administrative assistant at various companies, I lost my job due to tendonitis. My wonderful husband saw this as an opportunity for me to try something completely different. “What would you do if you could do anything for a living?” he asked.

“Write,” I replied without a second of hesitation. But we’d just bought our first house based on my income from that thirty-year career. And although I’d sold a few magazine articles, play scripts, devotionals, and Sunday school curriculum, that didn’t pay anywhere near what we needed to cover the mortgage and other bills.

Undaunted, my hubby asked, “What would your second choice be?”

After pondering that for a while, I said, “I love what I do in my critique group. And they’ve told me they really benefit from my suggestions.”

He recommended that I see if I could somehow turn that into a career.

Filled with hesitant hope, I asked my workers’ comp coordinator what she thought about my becoming an editor.

“An editor of what?” she asked, obviously skeptical.

“Of book manuscripts.”

One eyebrow raised. “Well, do you have a degree in creative writing, journalism, anything like that?”

“I did go to the University of Minnesota for a hockey game once.”

She did not laugh. Didn’t even crack a smile. “I’m sorry,” she said, as if she were about to pat me on the head. “But that’s just impossible.”

The moment I heard her say that word, I almost audibly heard God say, “You know impossible is my specialty, right?”

Remembering that a friend from my church ran a manuscript critique service, I went to her and asked if she could help me figure out how to get into that business. She handed me a manuscript.

“What do I do with this?” I asked.

“The same thing you do in your critique group.”

Really? I raised one eyebrow, as skeptical as my workers’ comp coordinator had been.

When I finished that manuscript, she gave me another one. And another and another.

At first I thought this would be a great way to subsidize my writing habit. But after a while I realized that I enjoyed editing even more than writing. I loved working with new authors to help them hone their skills and polish their manuscripts. When my clients told me they’d landed a contract, published a book, got an agent, or become a best-selling author, I rejoiced with them, thrilled that God had chosen me to play a small part in making that happen. And when my clients forwarded to me e-mails they’d received from their readers, telling how their lives had been changed by the books they read that I had worked on … I knew I was smack dab in the middle of God’s will for me. And there’s no better place in the world to be than that.

I’m so glad God loves the word impossible. I’m becoming pretty fond of it myself.


Kathy Ide is the author of Proofreading Secrets of Best-Selling Authors and the editor/compiler of the Fiction Lover’s Devotional series. She is a full-time freelance editor/writing mentor and teaches at writers’ conferences across the country. She is the founder and director of the Christian Editor Connection and The Christian PEN.


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