Friday, March 13, 2015


As an Irish immigrant to Canada I knew a fair bit about my birth-place, but still there was so much to learn when I was researching my romance Novella 
Londonderry Dreaming, and for my future series called Donegal Winds.

Sure, I knew about St. Patrick like most of the world does, but there were many others who spread the gospel message to the pagan Irish all those centuries ago.

In 2006 I visited the city of Londonderry in the county of Donegal 
(pronounced Dun—ee---gall)

What a step back into the past when I toured the medieval walled city. It is one of the finest walled cities in Europe. A highlight of that tour was visiting the old church St. Augustine’s. In itself this is a very old church, but the site that it sits upon is believed to be that of the Columban monastery founded in the late 6th century. 

Here’s a link to some of that history. 

As I was researching my book I got friendly via email with the vicar and the custodian of St. Augustine’s. Every once in a while Alan (the custodian) sends me up-to-date photos of the lovely old church that touched my heart in such a special place.

Here are some photos of that charming church, and if you would like to see the stained glass windows in St. Augustine that touched my heart so much, watch my 1 minute book trailer. There you’ll see the Ruth and Naomi windows that feature in my novella Londonderry Dreaming.

And don't forget, Londonderry Dreaming is FREE until April 2, 2015 from my publisher as our love offering for Lent. 

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