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THE INVISIBLE---by Guest Ada Brownell

Amazing unseen things happened at my conception. Then after birth, unnoticed activity took place in my brain as I grew. I learned to speak English. I decided I didn’t like hominy ‘cause they used lye to make it. Fear of flogging roosters stirred in my skinny breast, and panic disturbed my sleep because a sibling told me Indians used to roam on our farm.

I wasn’t much more than a toddler when I learned Jesus loved me and had a wonderful plan for my life. From a large impoverished family and a freckled-faced redhead, when I started school, classmates often teased me. Yet, I smiled inside where they couldn’t see because I had a secret. Jesus loved me!

I’d never seen Jesus, but when I gave my heart to Him, I knew He is real. The invisible has been much of my reality. I saw people in our family healed, and observed other answers to prayer and miracles. I breathed invisible air, felt invisible wind, planted seeds with invisible life, and ate eggs with God’s invisible design in them to make a live chicken, if fertilized. I could go on and on.

God is teaching me more about the invisible. No, not about the evil out there, but the wondrous power of God available.

In Hebrews 11, the Faith Chapter, we’re told, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see... By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible” (1,3).

In awe, I think about the power that created the universe.  Power more amazing than man can imagine, and yet I can have a portion of that power. Isaiah wrote, “He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might he increases strength.” “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).

Acts 1:8 says, “You shall receive power after the Holy Ghost comes upon you and you shall be my witnesses.”

The same power that created the universe will abide in me to accomplish things not seen, such as love and redemption. Invisible, but amazing.
©Copyright Ada Brownell April 2014

The invisible.
The seed growing in the ground. The egg in the womb. The air we breathe.

Forces of evil, as well as angels of light.
The miraculous touch of salvation, healing, restoration.
My thoughts. How they can affect my behavior and the lives of others.
How winter is turned into spring (maybe touch Job’s description)
The wind.
Sin, righteous, Judgment


 IMAGINE THE FUTURE YOU---A motivational Bible study by Ada Brownell

The intriguing thing about our dreams is we’re always the “Star.”  Comedy, romance, murder mystery, drama, documentary of a heroine—there we are in the middle of everything.

When we’re awake we also star in our dreams. Dream big and work toward your goals and you’ll write a story with your life that might amaze you.

Whether your story is a tragedy or a cherished classic depends on who you want to become and if you pursue your dreams.

If you continue to do or not do what you practice now, what kind of future do you imagine for yourself?

The decisions we make ourselves affect our future more than those made for us. We have control of our attitudes, our work ethic, our sense of wonder, our faith to believe in God and for great things. It is up to us where we end up in life and eternity.

This Bible study will help you discover evidence for faith; how to look and be your best; who can help; interesting information about dating, love and marriage; choosing a career; how to deposit good things into your brain you can spend; and how to avoid hazards that jeopardize a successful life on earth and for eternity, all mingled with true stories that can make you smile.


Ada Brownell, a devoted Bible student, has written for Christian publications since age 15 and spent much of her life as a reporter for The Pueblo Chieftain in Colo. After moving to Springfield, MO in her retirement, she continues to free lance for Sunday school papers, Christian magazines, write op-ed pieces for newspapers, and books with stick-to-your-soul encouragement. She is critique group leader of Ozarks Chapter of American Christian Writers and a member of American Christian Fiction Writers.

Among her books: Imagine the Future You, a youth Bible study (November 2013). Joe the Dreamer: The Castle and the Catapult, (Jan. 15, 2013); Swallowed by Life: Mysteries of Death, Resurrection and the Eternal, (Dec. 6, 2011); and Confessions of a Pentecostal, out of print but released in 2012 for Kindle; All the books are available in paper or for Kindle.

     Twitter: @adellerella
     Blog: Stick to Your Soul Encouragement

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