Saturday, March 15, 2014

ST. PATRICK'S DAY BLOG PARTY to win Christine Lindsay's books

To celebrate the entire weekend for St. Patrick instead of just March 17 I am having a blog party where visitors will have a chance to win one of my novels in Ebook format. 

In honor of the fact that I was born in Ireland, and that my latest novel is set in Ireland, I want to give away Kindle copies of SHADOWED IN SILK, CAPTURED BY MOONLIGHT, and new contemporary romance LONDONDERRY DREAMING.

My Irish Blog Party starts NOW, Saturday March 15 and ends Monday, March 17 midnight PST.

10 questions are below.  Super easy. I even tell you where the answers are found. With each correct answer, or comment, your name will be put into the hat. We plan to pull out---hopefully your name---and not a rabbit. 

The more correct answers, or follows, the more your name goes into the hat, and if my husband pulls your name out, you get to choose which of the following Ebooks you’d like from the list below:
Dave and Zoey.

DO NOT PUT YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENT SECTION---that'll only give it all away.

My husband Dave, will pick 10 names out of the hat.  Our sheltie dog, Zoey, will help.

Send your answers in an email to

Please put your answer like this --- question # 1 -- answer


SHADOWED IN SILK Book 1 of series Twilight of the British Raj, winner of 2 awards, finalist in a third. Prize will be given in Ebook format. (Although it is available for purchase in paperback)

CAPTURED BY MOONLIGHT Book 2 of the same series, nominated for 2 awards this year. Outcome of these contest still to come. Prize will be given in Ebook format, but the book is available for purchase in paperback. 


LONDONDERRY DREAMING just released February 2014, Prize in Ebook format. (This book only available as Ebook.


And now for the questions: 

  1. Go to HOME page of my website and listen to all three of my book trailers. Leave a comment on Youtube for those trailers.
  2. Who patted me on the head when I was a baby? on the ABOUT page of
  3. for next questions go to BOOK Page of my website Is LONDONDERRY DREAMING available for purchase on Amazon, and for how much?Tricky question--click on the front cover for the answer.
  4. In the free first chapter of LONDONDERRY DREAMING, what is the name of the river that NOAMI can see from Ruth’s front door?
  5. How much does CAPTURED BY MOONLIGHT cost as an Ebook on Amazon?
  6. In the free first chapter of CAPTURED BY MOONLIGHT, what is in the burlap bags that Laine and Eshana carry into the women’s section of the temple?
  7. What kind of rifle is Abby using for shooting practice?
  8. Follow me on Twitter
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  10. Or if you prefer Facebook, become my friend 

I really hope this will be fun. On Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, I will be putting out some fun Irish stuff all weekend, Irish jokes, blessings, stories, recipes, so come on in and join the party. I'll also be asking you to share your favorite Irish song, writer, etc. 

Lots of hugs to all, and have a lovely St. Patrick's Day. And remember this is what he wrote. 

Christ be with me.

Christ be within me,

Christ behind me, Christ before me,

Christ to comfort me, Christ above me,

Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,

Christ in hearts of all who love me,
Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.
By St. Patrick, a 5th Century Cleric.   


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