Monday, February 10, 2014

LORD, PLEASE HELP US FIND THAT WALLET---by Guest, Davalynn Spencer

My husband lost his wallet and I was immediately recruited to help find it. We looked everywhere, he more than I.

Three days into the hunt, guilt prodded me to try harder. I recalled our Bible study teacher sharing his recent finds—his wife’s glasses, his car keys, the dog—all of them after he gave up and asked the Lord to show him where they were.

It felt very cliché to me. I’d so heard similar stories a million times.

A flashlight stood up-ended on my husband’s night stand and I reached for it. “Lord, please help us find that wallet. It’s really important.”

The trouble with asking God for help is the waiting-and-listening-for-directions part. I usually just rattle off a prayer and rush out the door hoping God will come along as I pursue my original plans.

This time, I slowed myself from over-drive mode and knelt by the bed. Yes, my husband had already looked under there. Twice. I lifted the lovely color-coordinated dust ruffle from the new carpet I’d found on sale and slowly swept the light beneath the bed. Boxes blinked back. Suitcases. Shoes. The electric blanket cord.

No wallet.

Determined not to hurry the process (or God) I crawled to the antique cedar chest at the foot of the bed and spotlighted the space between.


Again on hands and knees, I stopped in front of the dresser. The wallet wouldn’t be there. The decorative molding on the front nearly skimmed the new carpeting. How would anything even get under there?

As if obeying the command to pour water into the wedding guests’ wine cups, I lay down and aimed the flashlight. There, at the farthest back edge near the corner of the room, peeked a flat, black, rectangular object.

The wallet.

Wine from water.

An overwhelming rush of victory flooded me with gratitude and humility.

Cliché? How dare I. Jesus meant it when He said, ask and you shall receive.

I still don’t know how the wallet got to that out-of-reach spot in a non-traffic area, but the need for it sent me to my knees.

And that’s where I belong.


Davalynn Spencer’s love of writing has taken her from the city crime beat and national rodeo circuit to the college classroom and inspirational publication. When she’s not writing western romance or teaching as an adjunct professor, she enjoys speaking and leading worship at women’s retreats. She and her husband Mike have three children and four grandchildren and make their home on Colorado’s Front Range with a Queensland heeler named Blue.

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