Thursday, December 05, 2013

ZEKE – By Christine Lindsay

Zeke, PussPuss, and myself a few Christmas's ago.

With Christmas around the corner, one of my happiest pet memories comes to mind. Our English Springer Spaniel Zeke was ten last Christmas—starting to get a little old, but always a puppy when our grandsons came to visit.

As we all sat around the living room last year, trying to get over our turkey “coma” the three boys all under the age of 7 were running around the sofa chasing a radio control car. They were laughing their heads off. And there was Zeke in the middle of this parade. 

Now Zeke was never a dog to lick people. I taught him that early on that I didn’t care for that. But the grandsons didn’t count. Zeke knew very well they were just puppies, and his to keep in line. 

So in the midst of this squealing, laughing circuit around the sofa was Zeke on the heels of the boys, and every once in a while giving them a little lick on the ear to keep them in line.

Zeke tuckered out after the grandsons went home.
Sadly, Zeke passed on that following spring, due to cancer. But I’ll never forget this gorgeous dog who gave us so much joy.
Zeke on our daughter Lana's wedding day 2011

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