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OLD DOGS, NEW DOGS by Sharon Srock

Old dogs, new dogs. A lesson in trust by Sharon Srock.

We have three dogs at our house. Sara is a large blonde Lab who turned nine last spring. Ziva is a multicolored 5-year-old Lab. Then there’s Missy, a three-month old puppy of undetermined mix. I’ve been watching Sara and Missy, the old girl and the youngster, lately and learning some things about trust in the process.
Sara was eight weeks old when we brought her home. She’s never done without a secure place to sleep, fresh water, or food. We leave the yard every day with barely a raised doggy eyebrow from her. She has the acreage to explore, holes to dig, and smells to smell. She knows we’ll be back. When mealtime comes, she sits quietly as her bowl is filled, and actually waits for an invitation, something we never trained her to do, before she digs in.

Then there’s Missy. She’s never done without a secure place to sleep, fresh water, or food either. But, meal time is a challenge with her jumping and clawing and trying to lay in all three pans, overcome with puppy greed, acting as if she hasn’t eaten in the last five days and might do without for the next seven. She doesn’t so much drink her water as swim in it, and heaven help us if we try to get in a vehicle to leave. It’s a matter of force to put her aside. The sight of her, in the rearview mirror, standing in the driveway with her head cocked and her ears raised, as if to say “please take me with you.” Is both comical and sad. And when we come home, excitement is not a strong enough word for her reaction.

Ziva is the middle child and her behavior falls somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.

The funny thing about it is that, for both dogs, given their age and experiences, both sets of behavior are acceptable. Sara acted just like Missy when she was a new puppy, but experience has taught her to trust us in a way Missy hasn’t learned yet.

It’s a lot like us, and the way we learn to trust in our Heavenly father. Trust is a sign of Christian maturity that I’ll admit I don’t always do properly. Sometimes I ask for things and I must look a lot like Missy, bouncing around His feet, tugging at the hem of His robe. “Do you see me, do you hear me, are you still with me?”

And then I take a deep breath as He patiently reminds me that I’ve never gone without a secure place to sleep, fresh water, or food, or answers to any of the other thousands of prayers I’ve prayed. That’s when I turn into a Sara. I can sit at His feet, calm and loved, trusting that He’s got me covered this time as well.

I’m striving to exhibit Sara behavior more often than Missy Behavior. Are you a Sara or a Missy?

CALLIE by Sharon Srock

Three dire circumstances. Three desperate prayers. One miracle to save them all. 

Callie Stillman is drawn to the evasive girl who’s befriended her granddaughter, but the last time Callie tried to help a child, her efforts backfired. Memories of the tiny coffin still haunt her.

Samantha and Iris Evans should be worried about homework, not whether they can pool enough cash to survive another week of caring for an infant while evading the authorities.

Steve Evans wants a second chance at fatherhood, but his children are missing.  And no one seems to want to help the former addict who deserted his family.

For Steve to regain the relationship he abandoned, for his girls to receive the care they deserve, Callie must surrender her fear and rely on God to work the miracle they all need.

Author Sharon Srock went from science fiction to Christian fiction at slightly less than warp speed. Twenty five years ago, she cut her writer's teeth on Star Trek fiction. Today, she writes inspirational stories that focus on ordinary women using their faith to accomplish extraordinary things. A member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, Sharon serves her local chapter in the role of treasurer. Sharon lives in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma with her husband and three very large dogs. Her books include: The Women of Valley View: Callie and The Women of Valley View: Terri, both of which are currently available. The Women of Valley View: Pam will release in early 2014. 

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