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NEW BEGINNINGS DO HAPPEN---by Rebecca Carey Lyles

Rebecca Carey Lyles shares her friend's release from co-dependency today. Both Becky and I pray that the sharing of this story encourages you or someone you love who's life has fallen apart due to poor choices. New beginnings do happen. 
Author Rebecca Carey Lyles
My Friend, Maika by Becky Lyles

My friend Maika says she was a believer in Jesus Christ before she landed in jail, but she’d never surrendered to God. She doesn’t hesitate to say it took “extreme deception” and a “huge mistake” to wake her up to face the truth “that surrender is the only way He can use me and mold me into His vessel of honor.”

Following a difficult divorce, she not only broke a custody order involving her seven-year-old son, she left the country with him, crossing several borders illegally, and was charged with parental kidnapping. When Interpol found her over a year later, she turned herself in at the American embassy and was extradited back to her home town in the States. After many long months behind bars, she was released to a faith-based transitional home/program for women.

Maika says the program “provided a tremendous base of support in my journey to reestablish my relationship with God, to receive inner healing, and to work toward seeing my son again. Fear and codependency caused me to make some very poor choices. Fear completely controlled my behavior. I put rational thinking to the side and acted irrationally.

“If you don’t balance intellect and fear, you get into trouble. Fear takes over and supersedes your intellect, mind and rational thinking, and you can’t make good decisions. Intellect, emotion, spirit and body – we need the whole package for important decisions.”

Today, with God’s help, Maika’s life is being restored. “I have a job that I love and a home of my own. I have a strong support system through my church and the people I met in the transitional program. Although I’m still on parole, I’m working with the court system to reunite with my son, and soon I will be starting a business. I give God all the glory, and I thank him for a ministry that helps women change their lives.”

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