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My guest today is Sharon Srock, a writer of inspirational romance. A woman who knows how to wait and trust in the Lord for her deepest desires.

Proverbs 13:12

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.

Have you ever waited for something? I’m not talking about five minutes while your coffee brews or thirty minutes while your dinner cooked.

I’m not even taking about months of waiting with a predictable end. Being pregnant for nine months feels like a long time, but the baby will get here. The school year might seem like it stretches forever but summer eventually comes.

I’m talking about waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more, with no end in sight, no sure solution.
I’ve been in this situation twice in my life.

My husband wasn’t saved when we married. I prayed for him, a lot. I did my best to live a Christian life in front of him. For thirteen years, I waited, and lived, and prayed, and waited some more. I hoped that he’d eventually see what he was missing, but I had no assurance that he would. There were days I despaired, days I cried out to God for mercy for him or more patience for me. There was plenty of love between us, but there was some “heartsick” as well.  And then one day, God spoke to his heart in a way he couldn’t ignore. 

The long wait was over. The dream of a Christian home was fulfilled. Now there was joy and gratitude to replace the waiting.

Then I decided to write. Writing for publication is NOT an exercise for the impatient. You work, you write, you learn, you rewrite, you pray, you revise, you submit, and you wait. During that wait emotions abound, most of them negative.  Nine times out of ten the wait ends up in a kind (we are Christians after all) rejection. 

Heartsick soon takes up residence. You cry, you pray, you plead, you question, and you begin the process all over again. And each time the dream is deferred, hope gets a little harder to hang onto. And then one day, in God’s perfect time, the dream is fulfilled and all the months and years of waiting are suddenly worth it.

We’re human, God didn’t program us to wait, much less enjoy it. But, from a position of experience, I’m telling you not to give up. Never stop praying. Never believe, for a second, that you are waiting alone. God is standing right there, ready to plant a tree of life in your back yard.

What are you waiting on?

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