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Table Mountain one of the 7 natural wonders of the world and Sheila has the privilege of seeing it every morning when she opens the curtains.

Our home is filled with the sound of children’s laughter, singing, chattering and yes, even crying and quarrelling.  Three children living with us for a year while their mommy does some essential further studying—but let me not run ahead of myself, I need to go back—back 40 years.

I was so blessed to be brought up in a secure, though very strict home.  A happy childhood with a loving earthly father who made it normal to see God as a loving Heavenly Father.   A father who taught me perseverance even when things got tough—he taught me through example.  Sitting in church at the age of eight,  being made to sing all the hymns and then  listen to him preach after he had travelled miles in bad weather to be the preacher but when he got there found that the only people in Church were his family and the organist!

In my late teens I was also blessed to meet the man who was to become my husband.

Edwin and Sheila
We both wanted to start a family quite soon after marriage and the thought of not being able to get pregnant never passed our minds.  Month after month nothing happened. This took me by surprise.  I then went into panic mode. “God, what is happening here.” 

Then the month came.  I was late—ecstatic when it was confirmed that I was pregnant I rushed to share the news. 

In hindsight I wonder if this is a good thing although if it is shared early and something happens then those close to you can share the disappointment.  The tears rolled down my cheeks as one day I sat in the bathroom and before me was the evidence that there was not going to be a baby.

I empathise with all those who have had this experience.  Your body is preparing itself for a baby.  Then it is gone and the body has to return to normal.  The loss is real and there has to be a time of grieving.  

Many don’t understand this and even my husband couldn’t understand my tearfulness. He understands now.

How often I pleaded with the Lord to give us a child. I searched scripture hoping to find some verse that would confirm that one day I would have a child.  The months went by – nothing. 

Why were my friends and members of my family having babies.   I didn’t enjoy baby showers but attended them with a brave face although I ached inside.  At church people were tactlessly asking when we were going to start a family.  My precious sister-in-law was in tears too as she heard that she was pregnant for the third time in three years—how was she ever going to tell me?

Three years passed when our prayers were answered—in a different way to what we thought.  God impressed upon us that He was waiting to give us a child but there were different ways that children could enter a home.  We were now so excited.

We phoned the adoption agency for an appointment.
Exodus 2:”And the child grew, and he was brought to Pharaoh’s daughter - and he became her son”

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