Sunday, September 18, 2011


Is there anyone out there like me who gets stressed going to work?

Anyone out there who dreads confrontations with unhappy customers, or worries that elements of your work are not going to be there to let you complete your tasks? Anyone out there who gets that nervous swirl in the pit your stomach as you drive to your job?

I'm one of those nervous nellies who always used to worry about work. In fact I used to worry on Sunday nights about going to school the next day. Not that I didn't like school, I just worried about failing in some manner.

A few weeks ago I started a new day-job. I call it the day-job because it's not my career. It's work to support the labor that I really want to do but that doesn't actually pay.... yet. Let's just say there are so many other rewards in being a writer of Christian fiction.

But I need a regular pay-check.

The week I started my new job in a local department store doing product demonstrations, I
had also started to read the book of Ruth in my devotions.

I discovered there that the book of Ruth is not just one of the sweetest love stories ever told. God showed me how much He cared about Ruth's day-job.

Ruth had to support herself and her mother-in-law Naomi, and the only work for her was to glean barley in the field belonging to a relative of Naomi's. It wasn't long before Ruth was noticed by the owner of the field, Boaz. No doubt inspired by God, Boaz instructed his work hands to see that Ruth was not stressed by others. He also instructed his female servants to take Ruth under their wing and keep her day peaceful. Boaz saw to it that Ruth's workday was made as easy and possible. And he arranged for her to receive bonus product to take home.

At at time when I needed it most, the Lord opened my eyes to an element in this love story that gave me peace as I drove to my new job.

And, just like Ruth, the Lord saw that other workers in the large department store were around when I needed help. There were smiles and no one to stress me out. There were people to help me put up my awkward sign at the start of my day and take it down.

God really does care about every aspect of our life. We just have to open our eyes to see the intimacies of God's love for us.

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