Friday, March 18, 2011


She was invisible to those who should have loved her.

After the Great War, Abby Fraser reunites with her husband in India, where he is stationed with the British army. She has longed to return to the land of glittering palaces and veiled women . . . but she doesn’t find the charming husband she remembers waiting for her. Nick has become a cruel stranger and a cruel father to their three-year old son. She draws on her American pluck to overcome the hostility that surrounds her – at home and in the streets of India. But she soon discovers that it will take more than courage to survive.

Major Geoff Richards, broken over the loss of so many of his men in the battle trenches of France, returns to his cavalry post in Amritsar. His faith remains true, but it does little to help him understand the ruthlessness of his British peers toward the Indian people he loves. Nor does it explain how he is to protect Abby Fraser and her child from her husband who mistreats them.

Amid political unrest, inhospitable deserts, and Russian spies, tensions rise in India as the people cry for the freedom espoused by Gandhi. Caught between their own ideals and duty, Geoff and Abby stumble into sinister secrets . . . secrets that will thrust them out of the shadows and straight into the fire of revolution.

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