Tuesday, February 05, 2013


I am reposting this story from two years ago. First of all because it's February and that's all about love. And secondly, I just love telling people about how God blessed me through the romance He gave to my daughter. I hope this story encourages you, to not give up praying, and to trust God for the desires of your heart.

One expects weddings to be all about love, but it's still a little thrill every time I see evidence of that. Over these past few months as we've planned our daughter's big day, I keep bumping into love, or should I say, LOVE keeps gently bumping into me?

It started the evening Lana's 'then' boyfriend, decided to hang out with my husband and I at our house while Lana went off to the church to help with the youth program. I thought James was just waiting for Lana to come back in a couple of hours so they could spend more time together. It turned out he wanted to ask my husband and I for our blessing on his asking Lana to be his wife.

Like any mother who dearly loves her daughter I knew this was my one opportunity to speak my mind, and I seized it.

I asked him, "Can you tell me how you feel about Lana?"

The poor guy knows I'm a writer of Christian fiction, and that often includes romance, so I think he was stumbling around for something poetic. Really I was only looking for a few key phrases so I could see his heart.

Finally, after 5 minutes of awkward attempts, and I could feel the poor guy’s stress levels rise, he said, “Whenever I see her she lights me up like a Christmas tree.”

“Oh,” I said, a grin on my face, “so I can assume you love her.”

He looked at me askance. “Well, I thought that was a given.”

As the months passed I’ve seen evidence of love around each corner even though my husband’s eyes glaze over when I start talking about tulle and organza or lace. But the other day our daughter got her trial wedding hairstyle done to see how it would fit with her veil, and then went off to work at the grocery story.

My husband and I had no need to go to the store, but I said, “Do you want to drop by her work and see the hair do?”

A little gleam entered his gaze, “Yeah,” was his quiet answer.

I watched him walk down to her cash counter. His smile grew tender. “Hi Cinderella,” he said when he reached her.

I keep bumping into love from other quarters as well. My mother is always ready to traipse around stores to look for just the right ribbon or seed pearl to decorate the numerous items needed for ceremony and reception. My daughter-in-law was delighted to help decorate the box for wedding cards. And then there are all our friends who want to help. Last night my friend Jane helped me put together the seating chart for the reception.

She fussed and cut the paper perfectly, and asked me, “Who’ve you got to look after you the day of the wedding, all those little details like opening up the bottles of sparkling juice and such? Do you want me to come and help you with that?”

I was stunned with her generosity because I know how busy Jane is, and I know her gifting as an event planner. I also know that so many of her other friends would want her to be by their side on their big day. Such a loving gift took my breath away.

So, I keep bumping into LOVE. But it shouldn’t surprise me. It was years of sitting at God’s feet in prayer, and all the while I was praying for Him to bring the right young man into my precious girl’s life, He was planning each detail of our special day. He knew then every instance of love he would slip into my life.

His fingerprints are all over this wedding day. Thank You, Father.

Psalm 92:4 "You thrill us, Lord, with all you have done for us! We sing for joy because of what You have done.”


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