Sunday, October 31, 2010


I practically never do games, or quizzes. But once in a while one intrigues me, and I can't resist. I had to write down in less than 15 minutes, my 15 favorite authors of all time.

No sweat--I did it in 5. For the younger set, some of these authors may not be familiar to you. And it's an eclectic list. But human beings are complex creatures--I love a good love story, but I also love a gritty murder.

If you want to play, leave a comment with your favorite 15 authors below.


M.M. Kaye--Sweeping historical romance writer with settings in India, my beloved favorite novel of all--FAR PAVILIONS.

Mary Stewart--Romantic suspense writer from the 70's, my favorite--THE IVY TREE.

Nevil Shute--Drama and romance with a strong dash of history mostly set in Australia and England, my # 1--- A TOWN CALLED ALICE.

Jane Austen--No need to explain this one., my favorite---PERSUASION

Dorothy L. Sayers
--Murder mystery writer from the 30's, but who also wrote a text on God and the arts that I studied at university, And I love her slueth, Lord Peter Whimsey.

Rosamund Pilcher--Romance writer from the 70's, my favorite, THE SHELL SEEKERS

Paul Scott--Historical drama writer who wrote the quintessential Raj Quartet books on the independence of India. It was made into a BBC TV series called "THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN."

Ellis Peters--Medieval historical murder mysteries, solved by BROTHER CADFAEL.

Anne McCaffrey--Science Fiction writer who wrote what I consider THE BEST book on dragons and a whole other world called PERN.

Francine Rivers--The Christian writer who I think birthed Christian Romance novels---THE MARK OF THE LION SERIES.

Bodie Thoene--Another Christian writer who gripped me with her historically accurate stories---THE ZION CHRONICLES.

Linda Nichols--A new Christian author I've come to love and respect, who writes the most beautiful women's fiction, and stories that grip my heart---AT THE SCENT OF WATER.

P. D. James--She ranks right up there as the new murder mystery queen, bumping Agathy Christie out of that spot. She writes a lovely, gritty murder to read with a pot of tea by the fireplace. I admit I'm in love with COMMANDER DALGLIESH.

Victoria Holt--Ah, the Gothic suspense romance queen--THE SHIFTING SANDS.

Charlotte Bronte--For the greatest love story of all--JANE EYRE.

Now, let me know who you love.

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