Sunday, October 24, 2010


There are many happy milestones in life we look forward to. Those first steps our kids take, when they go to summer camp for the first time. The first day of kindergarten, learning to drive, graduation.....

Shopping for a daughter’s wedding dress is one of those milestones. A milestone that feels like icing swirled along a cake. It’s white, it’s beautiful, it’s fun, and it’s one I’ve thought about for years, and shared in my prayer time with God. I could close my eyes and always just see it—my daughter trying on gowns in a bridal shop, fancy mirrors, chandeliers, a chic sofa to sit on, her grandmother with me to share the moment but also to add her invaluable opinions.

We look forward to the happy milestones, and try not to think of the sad things that will come our way, too, in life. But it’s healthy to dwell on the hopes, the dreams, the goals. The sad bits will come, and then we know we can hold onto God’s hand through them.

But when He gives us something lovely and wonderful, then it’s time to savor,to enjoy it with Him, and to thank, thank, thank Him.

With only just over 4 months to plan this wedding, we knew we had to get the dress quickly. Intuitively we knew that the dress sets the tone. This was confirmed for us by the lady in the bridal shop.

David and I went into the shop and asked questions before Lana had a day off. And as we were shown around the shop, we were impressed with the selection and the knowledge of the owner. And I knew then, we didn’t need to travel all over the countryside to look for a gown. Chances were Lana would find what she would like here. But if she didn’t, well of course we’d keep looking in other shops.

But we didn’t need to.

The owner showed both bride and mother around, pointing out all the various styles and fabrics. Then she told Lana to pick out the dresses she’d like to try on.

And then she suggested one herself. One I hadn’t noticed yet. And as soon as I saw it, my heart quickened. And Lana’s voice lifted a higher notch.

Lana was taken to a change area, where her grandmother and I sat. And the owner told her, that out of the 6 or 8 dresses she’d chosen from the rack to put on the one she liked the best first.

The lady said to Grandma and me, “It’s usually the first one they try on. Something subconscious takes place.”

And as soon as Lana came out, we were fairly certain, this would be # 1. My mother started to cry. And the smile on Lana’s face told me all I needed to know.

It was exactly as I had dreamed. Not the details, but the feeling. She was stunning, ethereal, beautiful.

She tried on all the gowns afterward, and they were each breathtaking. Any one of them would have been glorious to wear. And if we had not seen the first one, we would have come out of that shop that day with one of the others and been deliriously happy.

But then the lady told her to put the # 1 dress on again. And everything else paled to comparison.

Within 2 hours, from start to finish, we had the gown chosen and ordered, and that would set the tone for Lana’s wedding day.

I haven’t been able to say thank you enough, to the Lord.

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