Saturday, August 07, 2010

HARVEST FOR KIDS--Children's Camps International

It happened just as we prayed. Children's Camps International beat the Guinness World record for harvesting a quarter section in record time. I was there. I saw it happen. I felt the goose bumps, and the silent awe of watching 200---yes I said 200 giant, gleaming, combines---harvest a golden wheat field on this warm August 6 of 2010. See it here by clicking on the webcam Harvest for Kids World Record.

People came from all over the world---Anthony Samy from India, Alexander from Belize, to represent just a few of the international camps CCI partners with.

Over 200 farmers gave up their time out of a busy harvest season. Many local businessmen in southern Manitoba gave of their product and time to cultivate, plant, and nurture this wheat field. As I watched the mamoth combines, in two steady rows of 100 combines each, roll in an unwavering line to meet in the center of the section, my heart filled with pride for these God-loving prairie people.

Back in 2006 CCI tried to beat this record. To read about the struggles of that day, including the field being hit by lightning, go to

Today, the Lord graciously rewarded CCI for the faith-testing disappointments of that day in 2006. He couldn't have provided a more perfect day for the event that brought in over 10 thousand spectators, TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, and dignitaries.

The event began with a group of farmers singing our national anthem and then heading out to their machines. Three yellow crop-duster planes flew in formation over the field. Several helicopters and two other visiting planes also flew overhead. The Lord even sent a gentle breeze to blow the chaff away. A petting zoo entertained the children, and music entertained everyone. It was a great day. And it all happened because of the love of hundreds of volunteers and the handful of CCI staff who want to make a difference in the world.

It just goes to prove that when we step out in faith, with our hearts set on honoring God first, He lovingly rewards that faith. God allowed CCI to gain the awareness they sought through this Guinness World Record.

But why go to all this trouble? Why bring all these people here to witness this event? To beat a record? To win a prize? Have 15 minutes of fame?

No. It was for children. There are many worthy organizations that provide good food and water for kids. Children's Camps International wants to take the needs of children one step further. They want to feed the souls of kids, take the Living Water and the Bread of Life to these little ones---to introduce them to Jesus Christ through the camping ministry.

The bread we eat in this life, and the water we drink will satisfy only for a while, but a relationship with Christ will satisfy for all eternity.

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