Friday, January 22, 2010


The trip is so fast-paced I have hardly any time but here is something I've learned.

We were taking a real Indian train trip that was to last 6 hours from Chennai to Trichy. Antony and Ray's plan was to reserve seats for us together so we could talk together, and that Antony could share some stories of the ministry with us. Good plan.

However, the train was 45 minutes late. That was fine, but our seats were mysteriously reserved---at least that what the Indian passengers said---for others. So we were scattered over this very crowded train and with no way to get those valuable insights from Antony.

But I'm learning that often God will open a door, and first thing I do is visualize exactly what that should look like. However, God's ideas of what will actually happen are so different.

I need to learn to trust the Lord no matter what. Even if it looks like my idea of the vision doesn't look at all like what's happening.

No time to edit this. Just hope you get the drift of what this trip is like for me. I know God brought me here to write this story. But getting that story is proving harder than I anticipated.

Hope you'll pray for that for me. An Indian pastor and his wife gave our team gifts for coming to there church to see their children's program. The plaque I received had the verse on it, "God will complete His purposes for me."

I just need to obey and accept what He allows or doesn't allow.

Blessings on all.

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