Tuesday, December 09, 2008

If God Disappears -- a Book Review

Amazon Online Reader : If God Disappears: 9 Faith Wreckers and What to Do about Them

In David Sanford’s book “If God Disappears” I found nuggets of truth that I had been searching for some time in regards to the illusive issue of hope. Even as a Christian, with Heaven to look forward to, I often wonder what I can hope for in this life. Answers are hard to find when it appears that for years or even decades, a certain ‘hope’ we cherish will never come to pass, or when we are suddenly confronted by personal tragedy. At times like that many of us cry out,not, where is God, but “Where has the God—I thought I knew—gone?” A crisis of faith is unavoidable for everyone, or for someone we know. For that reason this book is highly relevant.

In Mr. Sanford’s book he tackles these sticky questions by looking at nine different faith wreckers. He explores ways of going beyond just coping when we’re hit by the pain of losing someone, the tragic consequences of living life recklessly, when all our faith and courage has been beaten down, and so much more. He combines great intellect and years of study with a refreshing lack of rhetoric so that whatever stage a reader is at in their spiritual walk or understanding, they will find concepts to help them re-discover God when He seems to have disappeared.

The easy-to-read chapters encourage those who are new to the Christian faith or who are searching for a faith, whatever their background or set of beliefs. At the same time I found what he had to say stimulating to a person like myself who has walked the Christian faith for more than forty years. It was as though Mr. Sanford took me to the bedrock of my faith and encouraged me to walk about it from a new angle and see things I had never seen before—mostly what I can hope for in what appears to be a hopeless world.

If God Disappears

Here is David Sanford's website where you can read and be encouraged right away if you are feeling hopeless.

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