Friday, January 11, 2019


Thanks for dropping by, here's a little inspiration to encourage you today.

The above photo is of our little sheltie dog Zoey. She's such a little princess in our house. I remember her walking along on a pretty trail one summer a few years back. As she ran ahead of my husband and me, she kept stopping to look back to us for directions. 

So often we do not know where God wants us to go next, or what to do. But if we simply stop and ask Him, He is faithful to direct us in the way we should go.

Hugs and blessings, and may you feel the Lord's presence this day.
For a little fun, turn up your volume to watch the video lineup of all my books so far, my fiction and my non-fiction. 

I am currently writing Book 1 in a brand new series set in the land of my birth, Ireland. Again turn up your volume and enjoy this short video of my research trip there last summer. 

Thank you once again for stopping by.