Adoption and Reunion of Sarah Blaney in Pictures

Sarah's family. 

And us living our lives in a town about 20 miles away. 

But then the day finally came. Sarah's and my Reunion in 1999

Our Reunion, a very stressful day for Sarah and me.
From L to R
Mark, Sarah, Christine, Lana,
and Robert in the front. 

Me in my stubborn seat on the day of Sarah's wedding. Look way up in the right-hand corner.
That's me in right next to Robert as a tiny boy. I was holding on to my emotions as best I
could, but failing badly.  But more importantly, Sarah and her adoptive dad who loved her so much,
and she loved him.

Sarah and Mark's happy day.

A year or so after Hans, Sarah's adoptive dad passed.

Sarah on only a few of her Missions trips around the world.

Our family weddings helped to bring Sarah and I closer together over the years. 

Kyle and Crystal's wedding, Sarah standing on my left. And at Lana's wedding, with all my children.

My two daughters, Lana and Sarah modeling for the front covers of my first two books. 

David and I with all our almost complete family. 

And our family grows and grows.

Sarah couldn't make it to Robert and Sara's wedding, and we missed her.

And I am the happy mother of grown children
My husband and I with all our children.

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