With today's digital marketing, the number of reviews directly affects the number of times an author or their books is “seen” on the web.

In today’s world word of mouth is on social media and on book selling sites such as Amazon,, Goodreads, etc. 

For example, the number of Amazon reviews means the difference between success for an author and remaining invisible to the world of readers.

But writing a review is not as hard as you think. In fact the simpler the better.


The ordinary reader is the most important person to a writer. 


Write your review for those other readers who would be interested in this book. People who like books on building model trains would not be much interested in my Christian Historical Fiction. But Christians or people who want clean literature with loads of historical detail and epic novels would be interested in my books.

Write briefly why you like this books.

Reviews do not need to be long. In my opinion as an author, I think a couple of sentences or a paragraph is best. 

Some ideas to put into a review: 

  • The author’s writing style? Eg. Is the book fast-paced, breezy, or heavy and academic? Or is it a long epic that sweeps you away for a few days?
  • Brief overview of the story, a line or two, no spoilers though.

  • Who would you recommend this book to? Your 16-year-old or an 80 year-old, or all ages in between?

  • Why did you like the book?
  • How does this book compare to other books you have read?
  • Use ordinary language as if you were talking to a friend over coffee about a great book you just read.


Type up your review and copy it for pasting.

Sign into your Amazon account.

Go to that books page and click on writing a review. Then paste your review in and submit. If you purchased the book from Amazon, it's even better if you can click on Verified Purchase for that book.

WHERE TO POST YOUR REVIEW, Goodreads, etc. but Amazon is the biggest and most important to writers these days. A sad fact in some ways, but a fact.

You do not need to have purchased that particular book from Amazon in order to put up a review for that book, but you do need an Amazon account and have purchased at least something from them in the past. 

If you received the book free from the author or publisher in exchange for a review then you need to put a discloser at the bottom of the review that you received the book free for a review.

However, if you have never bought anything from Amazon, you could write up a review and just share it on Facebook or twitter with your friends. Any sharing by word of mouth greatly helps.

Also, I have been posting reviews of books on Christian for years without ever having bought anything from them. I just created an account and that allows me to post reviews.

Thank you for considering writing a review for one or any of the books I have written. 

Here is the Christine Lindsay Amazon Page where you can find all of my books and the links to post a review.   

Click here on my page
Have your review ready for pasting
Click on the book in question.
Click to open "Customer Reviews" just under the title of the book.
On Review page, you will notice box "Write a Customer Review"
Give it your star rating
Then post your review.
Then if you really want to help me, do the same for all of my books.  J

Thank you so much for doing this. You really are a blessing to me, and have done something extremely significant in helping me as a writer. Blessings upon you.

Humbly yours,  


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