Tuesday, October 30, 2018

November Adoption Awareness Month

For many years I hated the word Adoption. I felt cheated, betrayed by God. I no longer feel this way. I found freedom from adoption trauma. But I needed to write a book to explain how.

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Finding Sarah Finding Me
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Has your life been touched by Adoption? Comment below to tell me your story. 

Do you have any residual heartache?

Are you an adoptive parent, a birth-parent, an adoptee, parents who hope to adopt, a foster parent, or any other member of birth or adoptive families? If so, then this braided memoir from all sides of the Adoption Triad is for you. To give you hope during the heartaches and rejoice with you in the triumphs of adoption, relinquishment, and adoption reunion.

Finding Sarah, Finding Me:

Sometimes it is only through giving up our hearts that we learn to trust the Lord.

Adoption. It’s something that touches one in three people today, a word that will conjure different emotions in those people touched by it. A word that might represent the greatest hope…the greatest question…the greatest sacrifice. 

But most of all, it’s a word that represents God’s immense love for his people.

Join birth mother Christine Lindsay as she shares the heartaches, hopes, and epiphanies of her journey to reunion with the daughter she gave up...and to understanding her true identity in Christ along the way. Through her story and glimpses into the lives of other families in the adoption triad, readers will see the beauty of our broken families, broken hearts, and broken dreams when we entrust them to our loving God.

To learn more about this braided memoir, and read first chapter go HERE.

And for fun, send me a photo of your Adoption Day, or your Adoption Reunion Day, and I'd love to share it on my Facebook Page to celebrate that we can find healing from Adoption Trauma and rejoice in Adoption victories.