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My guest today, Gail Pallotta is doing a give away of her E-book Mountain of Love and Danger.  

At Christmas my daughter, husband and I tried to buy lots of presents for my sister. Usually, we gave her something big from the three of us and then each of us gave her two or three smaller gifts, so she’d have lots to open. Quite often she asked for Vitamin C, face cream, blue jeans and warm sweaters.
Christmas Shows Us Miracles Are Possible
When we turn impossibilities over to God, he works the miracles we yearn for.
I awoke sitting up in the bed in the middle of the night. Not knowing what had happened, I gazed into a quiet, calm room. Dim lighting from outside seeped through the blinds.
You have to take care of your sister. I shook my head at the strange words pouring into it. My sister had suffered a brain injury in a car wreck, but my mother took great care of her.

Fifteen years later both of my parents died. Another family member and the lawyers handling my father’s estate insisted on institutionalizing my sister. By then I had a child as well as a husband and lived in a different city. My insides tossed. My brain turned to scrambled eggs, and my heart broke into a million pieces because I was the only person who wanted to help her, but it was impossible.

I hardly could concentrate on tending to my family as I tried to understand how to change the course of events and fill this need. I certainly couldn’t leave my husband and daughter. Should I bring my sister here? We’d tried before the wreck, and she hated living in the city.

I phoned my sister to discuss a solution. By now she trusted no one in our family, and wouldn’t talk to me. Her situation tugged at my heartstrings day and night. I called again. When she failed to answer, I nearly crumbled. Where was she? Had they put her in an institution?

Finally, I found her, and yes, she had been permanently committed to a state facility. However, the nurse hadn’t realized there was another family member. My sister didn’t have to stay there if I agreed I didn’t want her to. I agreed immediately. After much conversation on my part and a great deal of paperwork, she returned to her home.

I still had no idea how to look after her. I pleaded with her to trust me and help me solve her problems. She had a friend who had no home who would stay with her if she had someone to handle her business affairs and talk with her doctors and social workers. Was this what God had told me to do fifteen years earlier? I hired a lawyer to ensure settlement of my father’s estate and put an end to the institutional talk. Until my sister’s death her friend cooked and drove her wherever she needed to go, and I fulfilled her other needs by phone.  

I had prayed constantly throughout this difficult time, but worried needlessly. God had a solution to this problem before it even existed. My husband and daughter often helped me help her. At Christmas I remember that God blessed us by letting my sister’s friend and us be there for her.  

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Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Christine,

Thanks for having me.

Christine said...

Hi Gail, always good to have you as a guest.

Jolene Hauck said...

Hi Christine! Just read your about your book it's amazing. I do think miracles happen everyday! My father is still with my family & is always looking out for everyone in my family. He passed away 2 years ago asking me to take care of my Mom & keep at home in the house he built her 64 years ago. The made this house a home for not only our family but everyone. I am truly blessed to have been able to help take care of my father & now helping to care for my Mom. This time we have is so precious! We laugh & cry but love is the bond that keeps my dad's spirit around us. Thanks so much can't wait to read your book! Merry Christmas & a blessed New Year filled with peace love & laughter!

Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Jolene,

Thanks so much for stopping by to read about Mountain of Love and Danger and thank you for sharing about the bond of love that you have in your family. That's wonderful.

Merry Christmas to you and a Blessed New Year.

Lisa Lickel said...

The holidays are a great time for thinking, reminiscing, pondering. Thank you for having Gail to share. Great story, too! Lots of fun for a clean little adventure.

Melissa Henderson said...

Miracles are possible, at any time. God shows us His miracles in so many different ways. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.