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My guest today is a fellow birthmom. Just like me, Diane Burke relinquished a child to adoption. An act that more often than not shows just how much this mother loves her child---enough to bear the pain of giving that precious one to someone else to raise as theirs. Thank you Diane for being my guest today.

Guest author and fellow birthmother, Diane Burke

Have you ever noticed that God’s time isn’t our time? It says so in the Bible and there are several examples to back that up. Look at Abraham and the age he was when he had his son. How many years did the Jews wander in the desert? How many years did Job suffer?

Sometimes we’d like to rush God. At least, I know I do. I want answers to my prayers right away.

In April of 2012, I received a certified letter that led to a telephone call that would change my life. It was an answer to a prayer that I had made forty years ago, had prayed about through the years, and finally had given up praying about at all.

Needless-to-say, the floodgate of tears opened up and I collapsed into my chair when a social worker told me that my son, a child I had given up for adoption over forty years ago, was looking for me.

At seven p.m. on April 10, I was instructed to make a telephone call to a certain number which I did.

“Hello. Is this Steve?”
“Hello, Steve. This is Diane.”
“Hello, Mom.”

I was speaking to my son.  A son I was told over and over again that I would never be able to contact, that I would never see again, that I would never hold in my arms.

But God heard the prayers of a heartbroken mother.

I not only got to talk to my son and see my son face-to-face but he actually held me in his arms in an embrace I will never, ever forget.

God blessed me abundantly by bringing my son and his wonderful, loving family into my life. They have welcomed me into their lives as the mother and grandmother that I am. My son and I wrote a book about the experience called One Perfect Day that comes out next spring which chronicles our parallel lives from birth to reunion.

I’ve learned so many things during this experience but I guess the most important lesson is this. If you put a prayer into God’s hands with total faith, miracles can happen.

In God’s time, in God’s way is God’s plan for our lives.

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Kristen Painter said...

What a great story, Diane!

Roxanne St. Claire said...

What a glorious story. I cry every time I think about it, Diane. I love how God's hand worked in these two lives destined to be together. Thank you for sharing! xo

Jan Jackson said...

Hi Diane,
Great post. Many times, not only are prayers answered in God's time, but also in unexpected ways. So happy He reunited you with your son and you were able to share your story by writing about it. Can't wait to read it or anything you write. You're a talented author!
Love and hugs,

Lara Santiago said...

Great blog, Diane. Very moving.
I'm looking forward to your next book. :)

Lara Santiago said...

Great blog, Diane! Very moving.
And I can't wait to read your next book. :)

Lara Santiago said...

Great blog, Diane! Very moving.
And I can't wait to read your next book. :)

Barbara said...

Hi, Diane. I am so happy to read about your wish finally coming true after so many years. I just finished reading "An Invisible Thread" today. Though that woman didn't give up a child for adoption, circumstances had it that she never became a mother. Instead, God connected her with an 11-year-old boy at a time she least expected it. It's not always easy to be patient and trust things will work out, but it does happen.

Barbara Barrett

Brenda Sparks said...

As an adopted child, your blog post touched a special place in my heart. Thank you for sharing your special story.

Ruth said...

I'm so happy for you, Diane! Thanks for sharing your remarkable story.

Leigh Duncan said...

What an inspiring story, Diane. It fills my heart with such joy to know that you and your son have been reunited. I soooo look forward to reading more of your story in "One Perfect Day."

diane burke said...

Thank you everyone for taking the time to leave such touching comments. I appreciate it.

Laurie Cooper said...

I'm thrilled for you, Diane. I'm sure your faith made all the difference. God is good! He wants us to be happy.

Writermama said...

Diane, thanks for the wonderful post. It's easy to forget that all things happen in God's time, not ours. I'm thrilled that God answered your prayers and reunited you and your son. What an awesome blessing. I look forward to reading "One Perfect Day", and anything else you write. You are an inspiration and a wonderful person.