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My guest today is multi-published, best-selling Christian author, Mary Connealy. What a treat. 


I went to a one-room Country School. My cowboy husband went to one. Our four children went to one. One room country school houses aren’t all buried in the distant past. In Nebraska, and other rural states, they still exist.

In fact the school my children attended had Connealys in it going back five generations, to the founding of the school. We live a long way out. My children drove 15 miles every day to high school. When the distances are great, it is wonderful to have a school nearby.

Our whole school

Our school, at its largest in my children’s years, had 13 students. The numbers dropped as low as five students. My oldest daughter started school with one boy in her grade. By eighth grade she was alone in her grade.

We had computers and the internet. In fact we had a computer for every kid in school.We took great field trips, get one mom to drive and off we’d go. We often had museums almost to ourselves.
We had up-to-date text books and access to videos and all the supplies any school has.

I loved it. It was a mile down the road to school every morning, they often road their bikes. 

I had a huge amount of influence in that school, something that is very unusual in a school today where parents are invited in under very controlled circumstances only. The teacher became a good friend and we made a great team educating my children.
This is a picture of Nebraska Governor Kay Orr, a supporter of Rural Schools, who came for a visit. The little blonde girl facing the governor in this picture is my daughter.

There was no shirking in class. If you’re alone in your grade no one’s gonna slip through the cracks, no matter how hard they try. 

The school my children went to is closed now, but there are still rural schools in Nebraska and other states. In remote areas it just makes sense to educate a child near home. I feel blessed that my children had this experience. 

Mary Connealy writes romantic comedy with cowboys.She is a Carol Award winner, and a Rita and Christy finalist. She is the author of Fired Up, just released book #2 of the Trouble in Texas series. She is a contributor to A Bride for All Seasons, a novella collection with Robin Lee Hatcher, Margaret Brownley and Debra Clopton. 

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Mary Connealy said...

Hi Christine! Thanks for having me on to talk about my Country School Experiences.

rbooth43 said...

My mother and father went to a one room school when they were young aroung the 1920s! The building was torned down. The school was on the land my father owned much later, after he married my mother. I have been living on this land for 70 years myself!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

My husband and his father attended the same one room school on the land we now own. The school closed when my husband was in high school, but his parents continued to call that little spot on our land 'The School House Land'.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mary, this was so neat. 5 generations. WOW! When I started to school it was also out in the country. Not sure how far we had to walk but seemed a long way for short legs. I can't remember how many rooms there was, or if we were just in different areas of a big room. Just know I always loved school. This was in 1941 . I know because I had a new baby brother at home. Also, remember that our house burned one school day, and a truck driver came down that country and stopped and told the teacher that the Lloyd kids home was burning. Then he offered us a ride on the back of his truck back to our house. My baby brother was in a big cardboard box out near the well. I was told to stay there with him. Was a sad day. Then we had moved to the TX. Panhandle when I was in 6th grade and I went to a school of 1st through 8th grades, with 4 rooms. Thought it was neat. I like small schools. Maxie

Anonymous said...

Our daughter went to a three room Lutheran school in Nebraska. And she also went to Harvard. Small schools are great! It's a shame so many have been consolidated.

tiinaj1 said...

How neat to hear! My brother & sister went to the last one in Nebraska (that's what I heard & I haven't heard of any others still in nebraska) from K-6 and the kids missed it so much in 7 & 8th grades that they extended just for them to 8th grade when they drove to Lincoln for Middle Grade.

The school was small - I think they probably never had more than 10 to 15 kids tops. They left in the late 80's probably and we had 1 family that personally kept it running financially until the last of their grandkids left and then I think it ended up being closed. I think usually there were maybe 10 kids - and for a while they had 2 teachers - 1 upstairs for the younger kids and 1 downstairs for the older kids. =) Thanks for the memories!