Sunday, October 31, 2010


I practically never do games, or quizzes. But once in a while one intrigues me, and I can't resist. I had to write down in less than 15 minutes, my 15 favorite authors of all time.

No sweat--I did it in 5. For the younger set, some of these authors may not be familiar to you. And it's an eclectic list. But human beings are complex creatures--I love a good love story, but I also love a gritty murder.

If you want to play, leave a comment with your favorite 15 authors below.


M.M. Kaye--Sweeping historical romance writer with settings in India, my beloved favorite novel of all--FAR PAVILIONS.

Mary Stewart--Romantic suspense writer from the 70's, my favorite--THE IVY TREE.

Nevil Shute--Drama and romance with a strong dash of history mostly set in Australia and England, my # 1--- A TOWN CALLED ALICE.

Jane Austen--No need to explain this one., my favorite---PERSUASION

Dorothy L. Sayers
--Murder mystery writer from the 30's, but who also wrote a text on God and the arts that I studied at university, And I love her slueth, Lord Peter Whimsey.

Rosamund Pilcher--Romance writer from the 70's, my favorite, THE SHELL SEEKERS

Paul Scott--Historical drama writer who wrote the quintessential Raj Quartet books on the independence of India. It was made into a BBC TV series called "THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN."

Ellis Peters--Medieval historical murder mysteries, solved by BROTHER CADFAEL.

Anne McCaffrey--Science Fiction writer who wrote what I consider THE BEST book on dragons and a whole other world called PERN.

Francine Rivers--The Christian writer who I think birthed Christian Romance novels---THE MARK OF THE LION SERIES.

Bodie Thoene--Another Christian writer who gripped me with her historically accurate stories---THE ZION CHRONICLES.

Linda Nichols--A new Christian author I've come to love and respect, who writes the most beautiful women's fiction, and stories that grip my heart---AT THE SCENT OF WATER.

P. D. James--She ranks right up there as the new murder mystery queen, bumping Agathy Christie out of that spot. She writes a lovely, gritty murder to read with a pot of tea by the fireplace. I admit I'm in love with COMMANDER DALGLIESH.

Victoria Holt--Ah, the Gothic suspense romance queen--THE SHIFTING SANDS.

Charlotte Bronte--For the greatest love story of all--JANE EYRE.

Now, let me know who you love.


Rachel said...

Oh, fun exercicse. I saw a lot on your list that were favorites, even though they may not have made the top 15.

Jane Austen, of course.
Maeve Binchy
Diana Gabaldon - just love Jamie & Claire
Khaled Hosseini for a look into another culture & heroic sacrifice
John Irving - A Prayer for Owen Meany changed my life
Rosamund Pilcher - I think she could make doing the dishes interesting. Coming Home is my favorite of hers.
Chaim Potok - love his deep characters
Francine Rivers - esp. Mark of the Lion
Linda Nichols
Robin McKinley - Blue Sword and Chalice are great fantasies
Stephen Lawhead - for his Arthur series. Good stories, but his take on the world also just bolsters my faith
Suzanne Collins - Just discovered the Hunger Games trilogy, but it's fantastic
MM Kaye, of course
Claudia Mair Burney - I've only read Zora and Nicky, but such a strong voice & real look at living out Christianity

Linda Brytak said...

One that immediately comes to mind is little known in North America, it's by Guieseppi de Lampradosa called "The Leopard" it is the story of the decline of Italian aristocracy in the late 1800's. The prose are astounding.
Maeve Binchy
John Irving
Ken Follett
David Adams Richard
there are too many to list.
AND one day I hope to be on people's reading lists as well.
May God hold you in the palm of his hand all the days of your life.